Kavanaugh Will Stand For Religious Freedom — And That’s Good For The Jews

As an Orthodox Jew, I oppose abortion on demand. And yet, we Orthodox Jews do sometimes need access to abortions according to Jewish law.


Have Your Say: Are Ashkenazi Jews White?

Are Ashkenazi Jews white? Have Your Say is your chance to tell us what you think.


Will Brett Kavanaugh Push Supreme Court Further Out Of Step With America?

Brett Kavanaugh is smart, smooth, savvy and well-connected but he may well be another “minority justice” out of step with American opinion.


Does Ari Shavit Deserve Redemption?

A truly repentant journalist would recognize the more subtle but equally insidious ways in which women are diminished or erased from public life.

I Told Jews To Think About What Being ‘White’ Means. Then The Racism Exploded.

After I published my piece asking white Jews to please stop using “white-passing,” I dealt with an enormous amount of racist backlash.

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