American Jews Have Had Their Own Blacklist For Years

This kind of incendiary discourse did not start inside Israel, and its center of activity is certainly not in Israel.


JVP’s Anti-Semitic Obsession With Jewish Power

JVP’s agenda is obsessed with Jewish wrongdoing. Beyond its anti-Zionism, JVP consistently positions Jews as the cause of society’s ills.


Why We Liberal Zionists Need BDS - Even If We Oppose It

The center-left needs to think carefully about its relation to the radical left, if we are to have any chance of ending the occupation.

BDS’s Roots Are Steeped In Anti-Semitism

The BDS movement has sinister goals and historical roots that inevitably evoke disturbing memories from our not-so-distant past.


Israel Is Right To Boycott Its Boycotters

The BDS ban helps people distinguish between legitimate critique Israel and those who take aim at Israel’s very existence.

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