Franklin Foer Has Some Scores To Settle With Facebook And Big Data

“Privacy is something that everybody claims to want, but nobody articulates why.”

Is There Really Such A Thing As Jewish Anxiety?

Is there such a thing as Jewish anxiety? And, if there is, is it good for the Jews?

Why The Word “Maven” Is Everywhere These Days

“Maven” really speaks to what we’re wanting at the moment, doesn’t it? Which of us isn’t hungering for some expertise?

The IDF Made This Film 18 Years Ago — Why Hasn’t Anyone Seen It?

Given that “The Disappeared” was such an enormous undertaking, it’s surprisingly hard to find any information about it.

Paul Goldberg’s Dizzying Plunge Into The Kingdom Of Uselessness

“If you read Trump with an open mind, he is like Albert Camus.”

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