Eat, Drink + Think

McDonald’s Reports Record Sales in Israel

McDonald’s tailored its menu for the Israeli market with health-oriented items such as freshly-cut salads, chicken wraps, and baby carrot snacks.

Murder-Solving Sigmund Freud To Star On Netflix

Expect episode titles like “The Case of the Anal Retentive Psychotic.”

Stanley Kubrick Explains The Ending Of ‘2001’ (Kind Of)

A recently unearthed clip of him explaining one of his oeuvre’s biggest head scratchers is a pretty big deal.

A Comic Tells The Story Of Henry Ford And A Jewish Math Whiz

We can be grateful to Michael Kupperman for sharing his father’s story with us.


GHETTO: Why Denmark’s Use Of That Noun Should Frighten Us All

The first instance of using an enclosed space to confine people and calling it a “ghetto” appeared in Venice in 1516, when Jews were locked in.


Somebody Feed Phil Season 2 Is Now Netflix’s Most Jewish Show

Though Rosenthal eats a metric ton of pork, it’s hard to imagine a show with a more Jewish sensibility.

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